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How do I prevent Lyme disease?

The best prevention is to avoid being bitten by a tick. Ticks can be found anywhere there is grass, vegetation and even in wood piles and rock walls.  A recent study done by SUNY Binghamton showed that the tick concentration was higher in the Spring and Fall; however, they were found all year long.

To help prevent being bitten by a tick, especially in high concentration areas, use an insect repellent such as permethrin on clothing. Permethrin products can be purchased at sporting goods stores such as Dick's and in Tioga, PA at Hall's Home and Lumber. DEET insect repellent can be used on the skin and is also very effective. (On children, avoid products that contain more than 30% DEET.) Wear light colors, pants tucked into socks, and long-sleeved shirts. After any time spent outdoors, check for ticks and take a shower. Putting clothes in the dryer at a high heat for one hour should kill ticks.

Be sure to check house pets for ticks as well. To minimize the risk, treat them with products such as Frontline.

How do I remove a tick?

Ticks can vary in size from a poppy-seed size nymphal tick to a sesame-seed size adult tick.  The ticks can carry other infectious agents besides the spirochete that causes Lyme disease, including Ehrlichia, Anaplamosis, Babesia, and Bartonella.  Lyme disease can sometimes be hard to cure if these other infections are not treated at the same time.


(Informatin from: http://www.cdc.gov/ticks/removing_a_tick.html)



Where do I send ticks in for testing?

Send ticks for testing to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY   http://idl.entomology.cornell.edu/sample-directions/ 

Buy kits to test the tick for Lyme which will give an answer within 10 minutes in most cases (you would want to have one of these on hand to do the testing immediately).  – www.thelymeadestand.com

PA Jahaben Environmental Consultants,http://tickcontrolcompany.com/

Ticks can be sent for ID/analysis by placing in a Ziploc type baggie and mailed in a regular envelope with all contact and doctor’s information along with $5 to:


Pocono Tick & Skeeter Control, LLC

218 Pine Tree Drive

Cresco, PA  18326


Please keep in mind that it is believed you stand an 80% chance of a cure if treated with antibiotics within the first two weeks of the bite; however, it could take longer than two weeks to get the results from tick test.


Bay Area Free Tick testing:

 Just put tick in plastic baggy with a damp cotton ball and send in and envelope to the address on site.




Tick Report

Tick Testing Services for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases




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